About Our School

Students using tablets for lessonLocated in the heart of Lake Mary, Crystal Lake Elementary proudly represents the best and brightest in Seminole County. With a staff of 60 amazing teachers and 800 students in grades PK-5, Crystal Lake shines as a diverse melting pot for all learners.

Crystal Lake Elementary has embraced some unique initiatives that have energized both students and staff. With the implementation of blended learning, students are encouraged to create their own digital learning path with the careful supervision of a highly qualified teacher. On a daily basis, students may be seen taking online field trips, exploring new math concepts, or discovering the intricacies of coding all within the comfort of the classroom. The blended learning initiative has helped students and staff to view the challenges and rewards of education through a new lens which helps to prepare students for life in the digital age.

Crystal Lake StudentsThe Positive Behavior Support model has been newly reinvented at Crystal Lake through the use of a team approach for students and staff. Each student and staff member is assigned to a “squad” which aligns to each of the C.R.O.C.S. (Considerate, Responsible, Organized, Caring, Safe) character traits. Students are encouraged by the opportunity to earn a “golden ticket” when a CROCS trait is exhibited. Each month, students and staff attend a school-wide PBS pep rally to celebrate squad points and squad winners. Each squad holds a monthly meeting to learn more about the C.R.O.C.S. traits.

In addition to all of the wonderful academic and character building activities, Crystal Lake also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular and community-based activities. The American Sign Language Club, Drama Club, Art Club and Crystal Clear Crocs Chorus offer students the opportunity embrace the arts. The Caring Crocs and Community Crocs programs provide students and staff the chance to give back to the surrounding communities through a variety of outreach activities.

“Crystal Lake is a wonderful school where students and staff work together to dream it, do it, and celebrate it!” – Kristy Marshall, School Principal